Kamal's Bigg Boss has politicians, cricketers

Kamal’s Bigg Boss has politicians, cricketers

Interesting details are emerging about the Tamil version of Bigg Boss television show to be hosted by Kamal Haasan.

According to sources, the show will have 15 celebrities as participants. Among the contestants, there will be two politicians and two cricketers.

A palatial house with all amenities is currently being constructed at EVP Theme Park on the outskirts of Chennai for the show, sources added.

Meanwhile in a press release, Kamal said, “When Bigg Boss approached me to play the host, I funnily quipped, who better than me, right?”

“All my life, I have been under a constant watch and have been judged on whatever I have done, public or private. But now, the roles are reversed, as I would stand with the audiences and watch these celebrities in the house survive this ordeal,” he added.