Kamal seeks Rajini’s support

Makkal Needhi Maiam would be happy if actor Rajinikanth prefers to campaign for our candidates in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls and Assembly by-elections, said party president Kamal Haasan today.

Speaking to journalists at Chennai airport, Kamal said, “When I met Rajinikanth a few weeks ago, he assured his support for us. We cannot go and request him to support us again and again. If he campaigns for us, we would be happy.”

Kamal revealed during a recent interview with TNM that Rajinikanth had advised him against participating in the Lok Sabha polls.

“But, I didn’t take it. I may not be contesting but I’ve put everything, including my money, into this election. I believe in it and I believe in the people I have chosen to contest in these elections.”

In an interview with NDTV, Haasan was asked if he thought Rajinikanth should support him as the 2.0 actor was not contesting this time around. Haasan responded by saying it was entirely up to Rajinikanth. “I don’t tell even the voters to vote ‘only for MNM.’ I tell them that if they looked for the good party, they would definitely find us. I think it’s only statesmanly to not coerce people into voting. It should rather be about convincing them.”

Rajinikanth announced on March 10 that he would not contest Tamil Nadu assembly bypolls which are scheduled to be held along with the Lok Sabha election in April.

This came nearly a month after Rajnikanth declared that his target was only the assembly election, and not the Lok Sabha polls.