Kamal, Saranya Mohan talk about trolling

Kamal, Saranya Mohan talk about trolling

Kamal Haasan has expressed displeasure over people using singular terminology to address actors.

“I was trained not to say such things right from my childhood. At my house, ekavasanam was never respected. As a matter of fact, even for fun or while playing games if I was caught addressing a girl as ‘de’, I would be severely punished,” he said.

“I might look at his profession as derogatory, but he is a human being and he deserves respect?” he added.

Meanwhile, actress Saranya Mohan of Velayudham fame had posted some family pictures with her kid and soon there were comments making fun of her for gaining weight.

Her husband Aravind Krishna has replied to trollers and said that there are far more important issues in India and this was not one of them.

“You can gain weight or lose it. She had quit her chosen profession to become a wife and a mother. Those who are making these trolls wouldn’t have done all that. So their comments are not worth a reply,” he stated.