Kamal reveals more details about his political journey

Kamal reveals more details about his political journey

An announcement by actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan that he would begin his political journey from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s residence in Ramanathapuram has been welcomed by the former president’s family.

The actor said he too shared the vision of Kalam who dreamt of a “good Tamil Nadu”.

By launching his political tour from the residence of the late leader, he would be moving forward towards that goal, the actor said, writing in his weekly column in Tamil weekly ‘Ananda Vikatan’. Haasan, recalling his conversation with the former President while travelling in a flight years ago, hailed Kalam for his great qualities.

Saying that he has a long-standing invitation from former President Abdul Kalam’s family, he wrote, “I lost all the opportunities to visit then. But, this time, I think I will create my own opportunity and visit (them).”

Addressing the growing criticism amidst the people that Tamil Nadu is getting a raw deal from the Centre, he writes, “Maharashtra ranks as number one in filing taxes and Tamil Nadu ranks at number two. Some people say that the tax is being collected from here (Tamil Nadu) and is being distributed for the development of the north.

Isn’t that how it will be in a joint family? It is our custom that the elder brother’s salary is distributed among the unemployed younger brothers. But, just because the elder brother is giving money, you cannot brand him a fool and starve him. I feel that, of late, this distribution has not been properly done.”