Kamal returns from Dubai, replies to Modi's invite

Kamal returns from Dubai, replies to Modi’s invite

Kamal returns from Dubai, replies to Modi’s invite. Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited us for an alliance with the BJP, it is for us to decide on it, said actor and MNM president Kamal Haasan.

Speaking to reporters at Chennai airport after returning from Dubai, Kamal, said, “We will be holding a series of meetings in the next few days to take a call on contesting Tiruvarur by-poll. After consulting senior members of the party, we will decide on fielding a candidate for the by-election.”

A few days ago, in an interview to a news agency, Modi said his party would welcome Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan if they were willing to join the alliance.

Kamal said, “Acting is business. Politics is my desire. I won’t mix the two.” When asked how the public should view him playing a political leader in his upcoming film Indian 2, he said, “It has to be seen as a leader acting.”

The actor-politician added: “More than that, if there are any relevant social messages, I will come out and speak about it. There is no need to say it only through cinema anymore.”

In an interview with ANI Editor Smitha Prakash, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked whether his party would ally with Rajinikanth or Kamal Hasan in an attempt to increase the BJP’s footprint in south India. PM Modi said, “We always try to walk with everyone, those want to walk with us, and those we want to walk with. It is linked with our principle to strengthen regional aspirations.”

When asked about this, Kamal said, “His stand is that he will ally with us if we go to him. Our stance is whether we will go. We will talk about it in a separate meeting.”