Kamal Police complaint, Swami bashing and more

Kamal: Police complaint, Swami bashing and more

Kamal Haasan appears to be caught in the middle of a controversy, following his comments on the present political happenings in Tamil Nadu.

A political party called India Thesiya league has filed police complaint saying that Kamal Haasan’s recent tweets provoke general public against MLAS.

He recently tweeted “People of Tamizhnadu, Welcome your respective MLAs with the respect they deserve back home”.

In the meantime, BJP senior leader Subramanian Swamy said, “I don’t know about BJP but I will oppose this boneless wonder and pompous idiot called Kamal Hasan.”

Reacting to Swamy, Kamal said, “Wont retort with rudeness.His experience exceeds mine in acidic political exchanges. He might like his meal boneless.I don’t.Bon apitit sir.”

The actor-filmmaker added: “I have1 bone of contention..Its good enough. Su.Sa called Tamils porikis.Glad I wont have 2 oppose him People will.”