Kamal meets fans, says he’ll sure enter politics

Tamil actor Kamal Haasan will launch a mobile application on his birthday on Tuesday to let him stay connected with his fans, seen as his first big step to take the plunge into politics. But he doesn’t have a name for the party yet.

Hitting back at detractors, Haasan, at a meeting with fans on Sunday, said he had never advocated bringing down temples. He said he is ready to take beatings but is not a percussion instrument to be beaten again and again.

He slammed the system and claimed that he’s not afraid to go to jail. The fan club meet is usually held on November 7, on Kamal Haasan’s birthday every year, but this year it was conducted two days that only relates to major announcements about his mega political entry.

Meanwhile, his fans claimed that a specific app to communicate with him, his intention for a statewide tour and many more announcements are scheduled for 7 November.

Stating that he was not driven by curiosity or by the desire to enjoy power, Haasan said there was no need to wait for disaster to strike. “Let us not wait for tragedy to happen. We can prevent catastrophe. Let us start today,” he said.

“I will surely start a party and enter politics,” said the 62-year-old actor and added that he would take the first step towards the launch of his party by dedicating a mobile app to his fans on occasion of his birthday on November 7. The mobile app will be used to keep account of funds the actor receives from fans.