Kamal Haasan says that he had suicidal thoughts when he was 20

At a recent college event in Chennai, veteran actor Kamal Haasan addressed a group of students who posed questions before him about dealing with life and its various pressures.

When the growing rate of students’ suicides was brought up into the discussion, the actor took a leaf out of his own life and spoke about a time when he dealt with suicidal thoughts when he started out as a young actor. The actor shared, “When I was 20 or 21, I had thought about committing suicide.”

He further shared, “I used to lament that neither the film industry nor the art world was giving me the value that I deserved. At the time I thought, if I died the industry would repent of losing such a talented artist. I have seriously discussed it with my mentor Ananthu. He asked me, ‘If you are a genius, who am I?’ He advised me to continue working and patiently await my time.”

The actor urged the students to be careful about dealing with their thoughts if ever they considered taking drastic measures to ease their pain or trauma.