Kamal gets NCW notice, denies charges against him

Kamal gets NCW notice, denies charges against him

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam has demanded an apology from actor Kamal Haasan for publicly identifying the Malayalam actress who was abducted and sexually assaulted in a moving car in Kerala.

Reacting to this, Kamal said, “I don’t understand why we must conceal her name. She has come forward to speak of her own harrowing experience.”

He added: “She’s very brave, and I am very proud of her. I see no reason to hide her name. But I don’t know what the law says on this matter. So, I’d reserve any further comment.”

In a series of tweets, he said, “Apologize say women, while I love & fight 4them.I wiill bend 2 no woman or man 4 no reason. U r penalizing the lawyer & missing criminals.”

He said further: “Cant name her? Name her after my mother or my daughter. This war will be fought.Yehhai Mahabharath katha. Jago My lady bharath. Salaam.”

The actor-director added: “If you still want me to apoligize I will. No one is above law …except your gods. God is no reason just a ruse for some.”