Kamal denies entering politics

Kamal denies entering politics

Stating that he is apoliticial, Kamal Haasan today said that he supported the students protest overwhelmingly for they had a cause to fight.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai today, Kamal said, “no law is of the land is infalliable. It is all the more sad when double standards are adopted. Many of the laws have been corrected and sentiments of people are given due respect”.

Earlier, he tweeted: “Incentive to vote might work but how different is it from politicians gifting away to gain votes? Boy! I am on a roll.”

He also said: “Compulsory drafting into the army? Would we accept it? If not then compelling to vote is …well ..wrong.”

He posted on Twitter: “Its ur choice Aninsa or Direct action. Im for peace .B warned not only Tamilians humans r prone 2 violence. Think politicians & people I beg.”

My request to the police minister.Stop harrassing peacful protesters of TN and Marina.Let the CM offer solutions arrived upon @ the assembly, he said.

Have informed our Honrbl.PM through the best of my connections. The Honrbl. Justice seekers will have to maintain peace, he said.

The actor-fillmmaker said: “Spoke to the Honrbl.CM of TN. The looming question has been asked of him. He will answer soon. They’re eager to satisfy you. Stay calm.”

A looming question. When the students were calmly waiting to see what decision the assembly takes , Why preempt with police action ?, he said.