Kamal comes up with suggestions to end casteism

Kamal comes up with suggestions to end casteism

Makkal Needhi Maiam founder and actor Kamal Haasan today said, “Makkal Nalam is the broad spectrum. We have many more verticals to explain; we will soon & only then seek your participation.”

Answering to questions on Twitter, he said, “What is meal for a cannibal is death to another! Without cannibals compromising, the ascent of man would have been unduly delayed. Co-habitation requires certain compromises.”

This was his reply to the question “You speak of Makkal Nalam. Nalam, ‘good’ is subjective, how do define ‘good’ without the help of an ideology? What is good for Hindutva isn’t good for Dravidam & Tamil Nationalism, anything in the middle is a compromise with the bad. Are you compromising?”

Another question was: “Sir, how would you take caste to the next generation? Will it be optional for school and college admissions?”

To this, he replied: “I refused to fill in the caste&religion column in both my daughters’ school admission certificate.That’s the only way,it will pass on to the next generation.Every individual shld start contributing fr progress.Kerala started implementing the same.Those who do shld be celebrated.”

Earlier, inviting questions, he said, “We’ll never leave our questioners alone.And so I will take up some of the questions you all asked me yesterday as a part of #AskKamalHaasan & answer them in the course of the day.I’m also shooting for #BiggBossTamil2 today,so my break sessions will be with you’ll here on Twitter.”