Kamal announces political entry, announces whistleblowing app

Kamal Haasan, on his birthday on Tuesday, made clear his political plans, as he made a slew of announcements at a crowded press conference at a star hotel in Chennai.

He launched app “Maiyyam Whistle”, which he dubbed will be “e-vigil” tool for the common man to fight corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency.

He said that the digital platform is a step towards reaching out to people of Tamil Nadu. “Whistle denotes whistleblowing in order to find out wrong. The app will help people blow the whistle,” Kamal said.

Kamal said, “I will travel around Tamil Nadu to understand people’s problems, following which I will name the party.” The actor indicated that it would take three months for him to plan his trip.

“My dream is to make Tamil Nadu a state with maximum virtuous cycles. Doing one good deed will sow the seeds for more good deeds, forming a virtuous cycle. Our people are virtuous, but it has not translated into action. The virtuous cycle has turned into a vicious cycle because of taint,” said Kamal.

He announced that his new political party is a work in progress and in the meantime, a new app, titled “maiyamwhistle”, will serve as the interface between him and fans who want to share feedback or ideas on what issues he should embrace in his new role.