Kallan Movie review


Set in a village near Theni, the movie is about a youngster who does not know anything other than hunting.

He becomes jobless after the State government bans hunting.

Following this, he turns to making and selling guns which he learnt from his father. But that was not enough to run his life.

So he decides to steal from a rich person. This changes his life completely. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


With a gritty plot, director Chandra Thangaraj has handled the subject well.

There are enough twists and turns to keep the audience interested in the proceedings. A little more effort in the screenplay would have made the movie much better.

Karu Palaniappan has delivered a decent performance.

He has carried the role with authenticity. Rest of the cast including Namo Narayanan, Nikita, Soundarraja, Dinesh Subburaya have all done their part well.

Special mention has to be made about Maya Chandran’s character.

Music by K gives the much needed emotional connection for the film. Rest of the technical aspects of the film are also good.


Rating: 3.3/5