Kalki Bhagavan releases video, says he hasn’t fled the country

Close on the heels of the Income Tax (I-T) Department’s simultaneous raids at the properties of Kalki Bhagavan in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the self-styled godman issued a video statement, claiming that things were going on as usual and that he was not absconding, as some media outlets had reported.

In the video, the 70-year-old, accompanied by his wife, is heard saying: “We have not abandoned you. We have not left the country. We are at Nehman, conducting classes and helping you… Activities continue as usual”.

“We would like to thank all our devotees, who stood by us and have been posting wonderful messages on social media,” he added. “Firstly, we have not fled the country nor have we gone anywhere. We are in Nemam and we wish to inform you that we’re in very good health and we’re perfectly fine,” Kalki said.

“There are rumours that we have left the country and fled but we are in Nemam  and operating out of here or Satyaloka depending on where I’m required,” he said. He added: “The government or the I-T department has not said that we have fled the country. The media is saying that. We will not abandon anything. Things will continue as usual. Things are continuing as usual, including activities in Nemam, Satyaloka and Ekam.”

The group which was founded by Kalki in the 1980s with “oneness” philosophy has diversified into several sectors including real estate and construction, in India and abroad. It is presently managed and controlled by Kalki and his son.

According to reports, huge amount of unaccounted cash and jewellery found during the raids. The findings included stacks of currency amounting to Rs. 45 crore, 88 kg of gold, 1,271 carats of diamonds, plus cash receipts that suggest 600 crore rupees of undisclosed income.

The I-T department, in a statement, said, “On October 16, the income tax department conducted search action under the Income-Tax act 1961 in the case of conglomerates of trusts and companies run year-round ‘wellness courses’ and training programmes in philosophy, spirituality, etc., at various sprawling residential campuses.”

It added: “The courses attract residential customers from abroad and the group earns substantial receipts in foreign exchange. There was intelligence that the group had been suppressing its receipts, which are ploughed into investment in huge tracts of landed property in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and in investments abroad.”