Kajal Aggarwal gets 'smart ration card'

Kajal Aggarwal gets ‘smart ration card’

In a goof-up, the image of Kajal Aggarwal was embossed instead of the head of the family in a Smart PDS Card issued by authorities to a householder in Salem.

The Smart Ration Card features the photograph of the popular actress instead of the family head Saroja.

Addressing the media, Saroja’s relative said, “The picture on the smart card is of an actor, Kajal Aggarwal. The picture on the smart card and Saroja are not related in any way.

Another woman from our neighbour also has a picture which does not look like her. How are we supposed to use this to get ration? We again have to go and get this photo changed now. Why can’t the officials do their work properly.”

Local officials said the faux pas could have been done by a contractor entrusted with the task of printing smart cards.

A fresh card would be issued to Saroja and the one with the image of actress was being withdrawn, they said.

PMK leader Ramadoss criticised the government for these mistakes and said that smart cards are bring issued with photos of actors, trees etc. It is all due to the negligence of the government staff, he said.