Kabadadaari Movie shooting is over!

Final day stills of Kabadadaari today. 
The final days shooting of Kabadadaari took place in the last 3 days and got completed today.
We followed the Covid-19 norms, employed less than 70 members crew on all three days and completed the balance portions involving Sibiraj, JP and others. 
With today, the entire shooting of KABADADAARI got completed and the film will be ready by October end. We are waiting for the announcement on theatres re-opening to decide on the theatrical release of the film. 

Creative Entertainers & Distributors Presents

1. Sibiraj  2. Nandita  3. Nasser  4. Jayaprakash  5.  J. Sathish Kumar  6. Suman Ranganathan  
7. Pradeep krishnamoorthy   & Many others starring