Jyothika’s speech hurts Hindu sentiments

Actress Jyothika’s remarks about Thanjavur Big temple at a recent award function has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Speaking at the event, Jyothika, said, “One wonders why such a huge amount was spent on Big temple (Lord Brahadeeswarar temple) in Thanjavur”. Going further, she urged people not to offer money as offerings to hundis kept across temples and rather use it for charity works.

Jyothika shares an experience from when she was shooting for the film Raatchasi. She informed that she visited a very famous and beautiful temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu during the shooting. It was beautiful and looked like a palace.

On the next day, she was shooting for a scene at a hospital in the same city, but it was very badly maintained and felt bad about it. So, the actress requests everyone to donate to hospitals and schools the same way we donate to temples. She says that hospitals are more important for people to survive.

A Hindu activist said, “Jyothika’s remarks did shock me. They showed clearly that she knew nothing about Tamil culture and our tradition. High time she learns it. ”

Tamilkumaran, a scholar, says, “Born and brought up outside Tamil Nadu, she has no clue about Big temple. It is our pride. High time she learns about them from her father-in-law and a good orator Sivakumar”.

Director Ra Saravanan who is helming Jyothika’s new movie costarring Sasikumar has posted a clarification. He has stated that he is doing so because he is indirectly involved in the issue as it was during the shooting of his film that Jyothika saw the hospital in Thanjavur.

According to Saravanan he wanted to highlight the life of Tanjore authentically in his film and that’s why opted to shoot in a live hospital instead of erecting sets. He praised Jyothika for agreeing to do so even though there was a threat of infections.

The sight of the hospital affected Jo because there weren’t even separate maternity wards and women had to deliver babies in highly unhygienic surroundings and that’s what affected her