Jyothika's 10 commandments to women

Jyothika’s 10 commandments to women

Jyothika has ten commandments for women on the first look poster of Kaatrin Mozhi. The film is a remake of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu and is being directed by Radha Mohan and produced by G Dhananjayan.

Here go the 10 commandments:

* Thou shall wear what you want.

* Thou shall eat first if you want.

* Thou shall not turn the other cheek if your husband hits you.

* Though shall do what you love.

* Thou shall be fat if you want.

* Thou shall ask your husband to share household duties.

* Thou shall earn, give and spend as you want.

* Thou shall not say yes, when you mean no.

* Thou shall speak freely.

* Thou shall know that all men and women are equal.

The first look poster was released on the social media by Jyothika’s husband Suriya. He wrote: “When every day shoot is exciting and special…!! The film becomes immortal!! Can’t wait to watch Jo in this rollercoaster fun ride!!”

The poster makes a serious point as well take a cheeky dig at the several ‘restrictions’ placed on women. It starts off with things such as thou shall wear what you want’ and ‘thou shall eat first if you want’.

It also addresses more serious issues such as ‘thou shall not turn the other cheek if your husband hits you’, ‘thou shall ask you husband to share household duties’ etc.

While Tumhari Sulu was about a woman who tried to chase her dreams and the societal pressure she was under to take care first of her family before herself, it looks like Kaatrin Mozhi delves much deeper.

The fact that the makers released the first look on Independence Day also hints at the kind of film this would be.