Jyeshta Abhishekam for Triplicane Lord Sri Parthasarathy on 16th August 2019

This grand program of Jyeshta abhishekam is performed in the holy month of Aadi as per Hindu Almanac and the fete is completed coinciding the date after pournami Gajendramoksham Garudaseva.

“Abhidhyeyakam” means protective shield or armour (that which cannot be destructed). To fight against the evil, the Lord emerged with this protective armour in this Kaliyuga. Since the special abhishekam (celestial bath) is conducted to this special “Armour of God” the kavachams that protect utsavamurthy ‘s thirumeni this festival is also called Abhidhyeyaka Abhishekam. All over the year the utsavamurthy is having tirumanjanam only onto kavachams laid thirumeni and As this festival takes  place doing abhishekam to utsavamurthy’s thirumeni directly it is known as “Jyesthabhishekam”.

As per the temple legendary, this special Abhishekam is usually performed every year to protect the Utsava deities of Lord SriParthasarathy swamy and his consorts Rukminee and sathyabhama from damage that might occur while conducting processions and Tirumanjanam (holy baths) all through the year during different festive occasions.

Snapana Tirumanjanam involves performing a bath to the deities involving holy and consecrated water mixed with spices including turmeric, sandal paste, honey, milk and curd.

The Lord Sri Parthasarathy Swamy utsavar thirumeni has stood for many centuries and is to be protected in coming centuries too. By maharshis sastras the elders have done this kavacham to the Lord’s thirumeni  to protect His panchaloha thirumeni so that it fits to His thirumeni the panchaloham and also should resemble His thirumeni. So that when we look at Him with kavachams that should look alike His divya thirumeni itself.

After removing the kavachams Jyeshta Abhishekam is performed to the Lord’s thirumeni and pleasing Him there by making the universe as well as the earth peaceful.

This Swarna Kavacham remains adorned to the Lord and his consorts throughout the year and only removed for Jyeshta Abhishekam in the next year.

Arrangements for the same have been  made  by MIss M Jothilakshmi, . MA, BL. Assistant  Commissioner, Jewel Verification. Deputy Commissioner  / Executive Officer / Thakkar (Additional Charge )