Jio upgrades data vouchers in view of the current scenario

Data vouchers upgraded to offer non-Jio call time and two-fold data
With its commitment to keep users connected in important times, Jio has UPGRADED the benefits of
its 4G Data Vouchers to provide Double Data and Additional non-Jio talktime on these vouchers.
With the upgrade, the 4G Data Vouchers of Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101, now come with 800 MB,
2GB, 6GB and 12 GB of high-speed data respectively. These vouchers also bundle voice calls to non Jio
numbers and offer 75, 200, 500 and 1000 minutes respectively of outgoing talktime to any non-Jio
network across the country.
With businesses encouraging employees to work from home, a growing need for remote interactions
and families having more time for recreation, there is a growing requirement among users ofseamless
and more data. Through these voucher upgrades Jio is extending help to the users and ensuring that
Indians have access to uninterrupted, abundant and affordable data to meet their current connectivity

Upgraded Voucher Details:

Q1. What are the NEW 4G Data Vouchers available in Jio? Are there any changes in the pack benefits of 4G data Vouchers?

Committed to keep you connected in important times, Jio has introduced new 4G Data Vouchers wherein you get

  • Double Data
  • Additional non-Jio voice minutes to call Non-Jio mobile numbers                                                                                       
  • Any unused Data or Voice minutes left will also expire along with the Base Plan validity.

    Q2.  Will I be charged per second or per minute?
    Ans. To maintain ease of understanding, you will be charged per minute

    Q. 3 I have an active plan (Jio All-In-One Plan / Regular Plan) in my account. I also have Talk time balance
    available in my account (recharged with Top up Pack). If I recharge with the new 4G Data Voucher, then which Voice Minutes will be consumed first? I.e. Will I be charged from the monetary balance or the voice minutes from the 4G data voucher Pack quota?

    Ans. Voice minutes will always get consumed first from your Base Plan i.e. the Jio All in One Plan. Once the Voice minutes have been exhausted from the base plan, only then voice quota from the 4G data Voucher pack will start getting consumed automatically.
    In case BOTH the Voice minutes from the Base plan and the 4G Data Voucher have exhausted, and you have monetary balance available in your account, then you will be charged 6 paise per minute to call Non Jio mobile numbers from monetary balance.
    ** Voice Minutes refers to Voice minutes provided to call Non Jio other Operator Mobile numbers only.
    Q. 5 I do not have any Recharge Plan in my account. Can I recharge with any of these 4G Data Voucher pack and use Data and voice as per the pack entitlements?

    Ans. No, you will be able to recharge with a 4G Data Voucher only if there is an Active Plan in your account.