Jio Introduces early exit option to JioPhone users

Jio Introduces early exit option to JioPhone users

When JioPhone was announced, customers could get the phone against a security deposit of Rs. 1500 which was refundable only after 3 years.

Jio has now introduced an early exit option for JioPhone users who wish to return the device before the stipulated period of three years. This enables customers to get a part of their deposit refunded on a graded basis.

Any customer who returns the JioPhone within the one year will not get any refund

Those who return the device between 12-24 months of usage will get a refund of Rs 500.

Those who return the device between 24-36 months of usage will be eligible for a refund of Rs 1000.

Post 36 months of stipulated usage JioPhone users can return the device and get the complete refund of Rs 1500

Relevant Government tax will be applicable on the early exit charges

Nowhere in the world does anyone provide full refund for products that are used.

Minimum Usage: in order to prevent misuse or hoarding of the JioPhone and to encourage usage of its world-class 4G services, Jio has stipulated a minimum recharge of Rs 1500 a year, using any combination of plans, in order to be eligible for the refund.

This brings greater flexibility to users as, they may opt to recharge as per convenience and need as long as they recharge for Rs 1500 during the entire year.

If customer chooses to be on the JioPhone specific Rs 153 plan then he or she will have to do only 10 recharges (instead of the regular 13 prepaid cycles in a year) during the year to be eligible for the refund

The minimum usage stipulation has been incorporated in order to encourage appropriate usage of the phone and prevent any misuse or hoarding

The minimum usage of Rs. 1500 per year is still lower than the current average usage of nearly Rs. 130 per month (or about Rs.1,560 per year) for users on other 2G networks. And at this lower charge of Rs. 1500 a year, Jio customers will enjoy superior 4G services, unlimited voice and huge amount of data.

Jio has established an extensive service support network for JioPhone across entire India with more than 12000 Jio points / Jio service points ready to service JioPhone / Jio customers. The service support network is designed to ensure that most customers can access support for their device issues within a radius of 10 kms of their zones

With flexible refund and recharge options, Jio makes Digital Life more accessible and affordable for users.


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