JEE Main 2019 NTA launches Online Lectures by IIT Professors

JEE Main 2019: NTA launches Online Lectures by IIT Professors

Since its introduction NTA (National Test Agency) has brought many changes in JEE Main 2019. Adding to the list, NTA has recently launched online content lecture series for aspirants of JEE Main 2019 and NEET 2019. These lectures are delivered by the professors from IITs. The videos are made available to the students as an integral part of the IIT PAL (Professor Assisted Learning) initiative. PAL is another significant effort taken by NTA and MHRD to help the aspirants know more aboutJEE Main Syllabus and prepare for it using free and self-sustained learning method.

PAL is introduced with the aim to help the students get their hands on the different topics from the syllabus of JEE Main and NEET 2019. All the lectures are made available on the official website of NTA i.e. The videos and lectures are prepared and delivered by the faculty from IITs covering all the topics from the syllabus. Online lectures are prepared on Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The official website of NTA has the inventory of the online lectures. All the videos are subject-wise segregated for the convenience of the students. Aspirants have to visit the website, select the subject of their preference and then choose the topic they want to study. Click on the link provided for the online lecture and start learning.

Aspirants can browse as many as 50-60 lectures by the professors from IITs on Youtube and the official website. The average duration of these lectures is 50 minutes approx. Aspirants can easily watch them on their mobile phones as per their convenience. MHRD has launched a special platform “Swayam” to give a boost to this cause and help students to get access to the online lectures using their smartphones.

Key Features of Swayam

Swayam is launched with the following features to serve the JEE Main aspirants in their preparation. It provides the facility to access study material at the comfort of their home reducing the need of coaching classes.
• Pre-planned Schedules: Students can check the schedule of the coming 4-5 days along with time and date.
• Self-paced study: The lectures are posted six times a day. Students are free to choose a slot of their choice and study at their own pace.
• Access Archived Video: All the previously posted videos are available under the archive tab. Aspirants can access the archived videos as many times as they want.
• Free of Cost: Students from all the sections of the society irrespective of their financial background can access the free lectures anytime and prepare for the examination.
The SwayamPrabha platform has three different channels for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Chemistry has 20 channels, Mathematics has 21, and Physics has 22 channels. Links to the channels are given below.

JEE Main 2019 phase I exam is scheduled to be conducted between January 06-20, 2019. The online registration for the exam closes on September 30. NTA will conduct the examination twice a year Once in January and next in April. Phase II exam will be conducted from April 06-20, 2019. The online registration for April phase will begin from February 08, 2019.