Jayaraman Namboothri drawn as Sabarimalai Melshanti

K Jayaraman Namboothiri, a native of Kannur Thaliparam, was drawn as Sabarimala chief. Kritikesh Verma, a member of the Pandalam royal family, selected the new Melshanti in the seventh draw.

There were 10 people in the list. Hariharan Namboothiri, a native of Kottayam Vaikom, is the new Malikappuram Melshanthi. Pournami G Verma from Pandalam Palace won the Malikappuram Melshanthi. Eight people were included in the list. Scorpio 1 will take over the new lords.


After Usha Puja at 7.30, the drawing of Melshantis took place. The temple was held at five o’clock in the morning.

Then Nirmalyam and regular Abhishekam and at 5.30 Mahaganapati Homam was held in Mandapam. Neyabhishekam started from 5.30.