Jayam Ravi as army officer in Jana Gana Mana

Jayam Ravi, for the first time in his career, will play an army officer in a film titled Jana Gana Mana, which is to be directed by Ahmed of Endrendrum Punnagai fame.

According to sources, the actor is preparing himself physically and mentallly for the role and he would undergo training from a retired military officer.

Currently, Ravi is shooting for his 25th flick, directed by Lakshman. Remember the actor and the director had earlier given us films like Romeo Juliet and Bogan.

Jayam Ravi’s last release was Comali, which hit the screens for Independence Day. “The centre theme of Comali is humanity. Prachanai vandha onnu serndhudarom, aana prachanai vandha dhaan seranuma? Why aren’t we having the same unity under normal conditions?” he said in an interview.

Recently, when Rajinikanth fans slammed makers of Comali for criticising the superstar, Ravi came out with an explanation.

In a statement, Ravi said, “Right from the beginning of my career, I have made a conscious effort to maintain a clean and straight record, thereby not involving myself in controversial issues.

My stance and ideologies have only been exhibited in movies through the fictional characters I have played and have never crossed those limits. I have always been a cordial and congenial friend to everyone and feel blessed to enjoy the privilege of being regarded as a mutual pal in the industry.

However, a particular substance in the trailer involving Rajinikanth sir has unfortunately hurt the sentiments of a few Thalaivar fans. I would like to make it clear that the element was included in a positive light. Being a hardcore Superstar Rajini sir fan, I have been as eager and anxious as any other follower to see him embark on his political journey. We all grew up watching his movies, his action and style had become an inherent part of our nature and there is no way that we would show such disrespect to him in any way or his fans.

What has made him more lovable than before is that he saw the trailer of Comali and appreciated our team for the creative appeal and congratulated us for coming up with a unique idea. However, to see that such an ideation, without any deliberate intent, has been receiving resentments and some negative feedbacks from a section of his fans, we have decided to delete the portion in the movie. Keeping fingers crossed, I am happily waiting to meet you as Comali in theatres on August 15.”