Jayalalithaa surprises school students wiith chocolates, motivating words & photo

Jayalalithaa surprises school students wiith chocolates, motivating words & photo

It was a happy moment for students of Sishya School. When they were on a visit to secretariat Fort St George, chief minister J Jayalalithaa invited them to her room and had a talk with them. She also gave them chocolates and posed for a group photo.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet you all. You have come on a visit to,go-around the historical Fort.St.George. I hope this visit has been informative and educative for all of you,” she told them.

“This is the most unexpected pleasure and surprise for me because I never thought that I would have this wonderful opportunity of seeing and meeting and interacting with so many bright, well-educated, well-
behaved youngsters.

I wish you all a very bright future. I complement your teachers because from your demeanour and behaviour, I can see that your teachers have shaped you very well.

Now this is the age where all of you should concentrate mainly on your studies and of course extra curricular activities which means, you should not spend all your time in front of the computer or the TV, play video games.

You should also go out and play in a healthy manner. You should engage yourself in sports and games also. I am sure all of you will have a very very bright future in whatever field you choose to take up and if at any time you require the assistance of the Government of Tamil Nadu, we are here,

I am here to give your school and yourselves all the assistance that you may need. Once again, I express my happiness in having been able to meet all of you and I invoke God