Jaya breathing 90% on her own, talks with help of speaker: Apollo chief

Jaya breathing 90% on her own, talks with help of speaker: Apollo chief

Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Prathap Reddy today said Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa is breathing 90% on her own and using a speaker temporarily to speak.

“All her organs which had severe problems have been solved. The tracheostomy tube is still in her throat, and that she was breathing 90% on her own now,” he told reporters in Chennai.

“With tracheostomy, she can’t speak. She is speaking with the help of a speaker which is only temporary,” he said. When asked if the tracheostomy will lead to speech complications, Reddy said Jaya will be able to “speak well soon”.

She is a very strong CM. She has recovered. Reddy said it was not him who would decide on the discharge of Jayalalithaa from the hospital, but her.

He said that physiotherapy is being given to individual body parts to make her stand and walk.

Recently, Reddy said, “She is now aware of what is happening around her. She asks and demands what she wants. We are happy to tell you she is well.”

“When to go home is now a small thing. The decision will be made by her. The most important part of the treatment is that it is over and very successful,” he said.

“She is completely aware of what’s happening, asks and demands what she wants; and I believe everybody and even she is looking forward to when she will go home and take the reins [of the government]. I am really very happy with the progress and I am sure [this is due] to the contribution of the entire team, the nursing, the other back-up team. They have all done a fantastic job. We have given her the world’s best healthcare facility for her to make a remarkable recovery,” he said.