Jasper movie review


Vivek Rajagopal and Aishwarya Dutta grow together at an orphanage. They both get married and Vivek also lands at a job in a bank.

Following this the couple shifts to a rental house whose owner is an alcohol addict. When things are going smooth for the family.

Vivek is kidnapped by a gang, Aishwarya seeks the help of the house owner who assures to do everything to save Vivek.

Who kidnapped Vivek, why is the house owner involved in this and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Yuvaraj has delivered a good content. Jasper is a proper gangster movie. The emotions have also worked out well.

The execution could have been better. Vivek Rajagopal has done a decent job as Harish as well as the gangster.

He is convincing in the emotional sequences and is impressive in the action blocks. Aishwarya creates the impact needed for her character.

Raj Kalesh as the baddie is terrifying and delivers what was expected from him. Rest of the cast have done their part well.

Kumaran Sivamani has done a impressive job with the background score. Rest of the technical aspects are convicing as well

Rating: 3.3/5