Jallikattu protests continue in Marina for 4th day

Jallikattu protests continue in Marina for 4th day

Number of protesters has only increased at Marina, where youngsters have been staging protest for Jallikattu for the fourth consecutive day today.

More than a lakh people gathered at the shore to raise slogans against the central and state governments.

The protesters, who include young students and professionals, say their fight is for their culture and Tamil pride and reject the allegation that Jallikattu is cruel to the bulls.

With many colleges declaring holiday, more and more students joined the agitation and raised slogans– favouring the bull taming sport and slamming those behind the ban.

The crowd which was scattered in the morning hours increased and concentrated as time passed. Students were seen walking towards the beach roads from all the side roads especially the Radhakrishnan Salai and Wallajah Road.

Pro-jallikattu protests turned into an anti-Narendra Modi agitation after chief minister O Panneerselvam’s talks with the Prime Minister didn’t yield the desired result. The protesters expected a promise from the Prime Minister on the immediate promulgation of an ordinance that would enable the conduct of the bull-taming sport in the state.