Jai Bhim movie review


Manikandan and Lijomol belong to a Irular tribe and live a happy life with their daughter Alli.

Though they are poor, they are happy and contented. But their happiness is short-lived as police arrest Manikandan as a suspect in a robbery case where he had earlier went to catch a snake. Since the police were not able to find him, they arrest Lijomol, who is pregnant.

A few other members of the tribe are also arrested. Lijomol is released after the arrest of Manikandan.

They are subjected to police brutality and Lijomol comes to know that the members of the tribe along with her husband have gone missing from the police station.

Lijomol seeks the help of advocate Suriya to get justice.


The movie is based on a real-life incident involving Justice K Chandru. Director T J Gnanavel has took up a hard-hitting and emotional story and has delivered it in a raw, real and brutal manner.

Suriya has yet again delivered a top notch performance as advocate Chandru. He is convincing in the role and takes the audience through different emotions with his expression and dialogue delivery. On the other hand Manikandand delivers a compelling performance. He holds the character well and makes the audience empathise with the role.

Lijomol Jose is particulary terrific in the emotional scenes. She plays a very crucial role in the flick. The rest of the cast including Rajisha Vijayan, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh and Guru Somasundaram are all cast aptly.

Sean Roldan’s music expresses the various emotions throughout the movie. SR Kathir has captured the story in a raw manner.

Rating: 4/5