Inga EnnaSolluthu – A Game of Intuitions

Our life is full of cross roads and it’s the choices we make that take us to where we end up. We take decisions based on our gut feeling and instinct. There are times they work and there are times when they don’t. Well, how about a game show with your favorite celebrities that tests their intuitions and is fun galore to watch.

As part of its grandeur revamp, Kalaignar TV is out with a brand new game show hosted by popular starJagan and titled Inga EnnaSolluthu. A melting pot of entertainment, the show is full of fun and frolic. Shot in a grand set with fresh ideas, the show is better than all that you have ever seen and is sure to entertain you to the core. Each segment of the show is intellectually inducing and at the same time engaging and humorous.The show has a versatile structure with a mix of a variety of genres. The show offers scope for viewer’s participationtoo, with each segment inducing their curiosity.

Inga EnnaSolluthu is a weekend show that is launching in Kalaignar TV on Sunday, the 21st July and will be telecastat 12:00Noon on all Sundays. Gear up for the unlimited fun and humor that is soon to reach your homes!!!