Infosys techie Swathi murder: Accused Ramkumar arrested from Tirunelveli

Infosys techie Swathi murder: Accused Ramkumar arrested from Tirunelveli

Exactly a week after Infosys employee 24-year-old Swathi was hacked to death at the Nungambakkam railway station, the Chennai police claim to have made a breakthrough in the case.

Confirming the arrest, officials said, the accused Ramkumar, a 22-year-old engineering graduate from Meenakshipuram in Tirunelveli, slit his throat with a sharp object when the police surrounded him.

He was admitted to hospital and his condition was said to be out of danger. Police say Ramkumar stayed near the victim Swathi S’ house and was infatuated with her.

Ramkumar had studied in a private engineering college in Tirunelveli and then come to Chennai in search for a job. Unconfirmed reports say he was working in a textile shop in Chennai, but was searching for a better job.

After Chennai police released an enhanced sketch of the suspect, the mansion owner or security guard reportedly identified him and informed the police. Ramkumar had been missing from his room for a week.

Earlier, 100-odd policemen assigned to the investigation in different locations were desperately sifting through several pieces of CCTV footage from various sources, and questioning hundreds of people.

The crime has generated waves of shock and anger, not just over its gruesome nature, but also because of the complete lack of response from those who witnessed the crime.