IndiGo supports Indian Meteorological Department with crucial data for weather forecasting amid COVID-19

In its endeavour to provide support to the nation, India’s leading carrier, IndiGo
is collaborating with the Indian Meteorological Department by providing crucial aircraft data on wind,
humidity and temperature relayed by the aircraft sensors. The data, which is imperative for accurate
predictions of weather, has been unavailable to the Indian Meteorological Department since a majority
of flights are out of operations due to the nationwide lockdown, coupled with staff constraints.
IndiGo has incorporated a plan for its pilots to report high level wind and temperatures at different
stages of a flight as desired by IMD across all flight operations. The pilot reports will capture and share
observations at cruising altitude MIDWAY of the destination, at cruising altitude just before start of
descent, near FL100, near FL050 and position in coordinates within 2HRS of observation to support the
Wx forecast model.
Capt. Ashim Mittra, Sr. Vice President – Flight Operations, IndiGo said, “In view of the current situation,
we have decided to take a step forward to assist the IMD department, which is relentlessly working to
provide an accurate weather forecast for the aviation industry as well as agricultural and fisheries sector
amongst many others in the country. As part of this initiative, we have made pilot reporting compulsory
on our flight operations. We will ensure to share observations from every flight within 2 hours to the
IMD headquarters, so that they can use this data for the benefit of the nation”.
Mr Mittra further added, “We look forward to more such opportunities to be able to serve our country
in the best possible ways in these trying times.”