• In January and February 2020, IndiGo experienced modest impact from the Coronavirus. We
cancelled our flights to China and Hong Kong and reduced frequency to certain other Southeast Asia markets. This capacity was redeployed in other markets without having a material
impact on our revenues.
• Over the past few days however, week-on-week, we have seen a 15-20% decline in our daily
bookings. Please note that the numbers could change from here based on how the situation
• We expect our quarterly earnings to be materially impacted because of the above. In addition,
the rupee has also depreciated sharply which will have an adverse impact on our dollar
denominated liabilities primarily on account of capitalized operating leases.
About IndiGo
IndiGo is amongst the fastest growing carriers in the world. IndiGo has a simple philosophy: offer low
fares and on-time, courteous, hassle-free service. With its fleet of over 250 aircraft, the airline offers
over 1500 daily flights and connects 63 domestic destinations and 24 international destinations. For
more information, please visit You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter
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