India’s Covid crosses touch 2,57,334 with 10,749 new infections

India’s tally of Covid-19 cases stood at 2,57,334 after 10,749 new infections were added on Sunday, as per the latest data from state governments. It took five days for the count to rise from 2 lakh cases (on June 2) to 2.5 lakh.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases globally, has crossed the 70 lakh-mark, according to Johns Hopkins University CSSE. This number includes the death toll of over 4 lakh.

China has reported six new imported coronavirus infections, including two asymptomatic cases, health officials said on Monday.

Out of the four confirmed imported coronavirus cases reported on Sunday, three are from Sichuan Province and one from Shanghai, the National Health Commission (NHC) said. Two new asymptomatic cases from overseas were also reported on Sunday, it said.

After 75 days of the nationwide lockdown, India is about to open the doors of public places like malls and places of religious significance on Monday.  Besides coming up with their lists of dos and don’ts for the people, authorities have ensured that premises of religious places, restaurants and malls have been cleaned and provisions for adherence to social distancing and other protocols been made.

Also, the Health Ministry stated Sunday that the government is “fine-tuning” its strategy based on emerging knowledge and experience on the ground. “As is well known in public health, different stages of epidemic demand different responses, and the nuanced, step-wise response is known to be a positive characteristic of a resilient health system,” it said.

As malls and shopping centres in the national capital re-open on Monday after more than two months, they will be focussing on hourly disinfection of the common areas, contactless shopping and physical distancing to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.