Indians should not suffer from ‘slave mentality’: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asserted that he used every moment during his six-day tour across three countries for India’s good as BJP workers and supporters accorded him a warm welcome on his return.

Addressing people who had gathered to welcome him outside the Palam airport here, PM Modi said he speaks confidently of India and its people’s strengths abroad and the world listens because people here elected a majority government.
World leaders know that what he says is the voice of the 140 crore people of India, the prime minister added.

India, he said, faces the challenges of strengthening its roots while also working its way to a new high as the world expects it to.

“Challenges are big. But it is in my nature to challenge the challenges,” the prime minister said, exuding confidence in front of a cheering crowd that his government will succeed in meeting these expectations in time.

Global expectations from the country have been rising, he added.

PM Modi spoke about the respect accorded by the people of Pacific island countries during the visit, and said they were thankful to India for the COVID-19 vaccines sent to them during the pandemic.

Taking a swipe at his critics, the prime minister said they questioned him for sending the vaccines.

“Remember, it is the land of Buddha, it is the land of Gandhi. We care even for our enemies, we are the people inspired by compassion,” he underlined.

He also asserted that the world is keen to listen to India’s story and said Indians should never suffer from a “slave mentality” while speaking about their great culture and traditions and instead speak with courage.