India sets new record in Covid-19 cases

India reported close to 2 million Covid-19 cases in August, the highest recorded in any country during any month since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The country also saw a surge in deaths from the virus, with 28,859 fatalities reported in August, a 50% jump from the previous month’s toll.

In India, Delhi is the city-state with the most number of cases per 100,000 people (875; this analysis has excluded smaller states and Union Territories). It is followed by Andhra Pradesh (813), Maharashtra (640), Tamil Nadu (557), Karnataka (510), and Telangana (330).

The difference per 100,000 cases between Delhi and Telangana is around 62% of the number of cases in the former. The numbers drop off sharply after that.

With 1,931 new cases on Monday, Pune has now overtaken Delhi to become the city with the maximum number of people infected with the novel coronavirus. Monday’s addition took Pune’s total case count to 1,75,105, leaving behind Delhi’s 1,74,748, as per figures from the state Public Health department till August 31.

Pune already has the maximum number of active cases in the country. It currently has 52,172 patients, much more than about 20,000 in Mumbai and about 15,000 in Delhi. As many as 4,069 people have succumbed to the infection in the district, while 1,18,324 infected people have recovered from the disease so far.

Among these states, Delhi has seen its positivity rate plunge (from highs in the early 30s to lows in the 5-7% range) before it started climbing again. Tamil Nadu was an early convert to the merits of aggressive testing, but while the positivity rate has come off its peaks, the state is clearly on a long plateau.