India reports 10,229 fresh coronavirus cases

India recorded 10,229 fresh COVID-19 cases, the lowest daily rise since February. The daily rise in cases has been less than 15,000 for more than two weeks now. 125 deaths have been logged since yesterday, which is also the lowest since March.

Kerala yet again saw the highest daily rise in Covid cases (5,848). Maharashtra with the country’s highest overall cases saw 956 new patients.

In a sign of relief amid the county’s fight against coronavirus, the active caseload stood at 1,34,096, which is the lowest in nearly 17 months.

Several states saw a single-day rise in double digits – Uttar Pradesh (12), Delhi (36), Chhatisgarh (32), Rajasthan (16), Gujarat (26), Madhya Pradesh (13, Punjab (17), among others.

The daily positivity rate stands at 1.12 per cent. It has been less than 2 per cent for the last 42 days. The weekly positivity rate stands at .99 per cent; it has been less than 2 per cent for the last 52 days.

The government is chasing the goal of fully vaccinating 108 crore adults by the end of this year. So far, 112.34 crore doses have been given, according to the official data.