INDIA has created fear, there is no doubt we will defeat BJP: Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Friday said that more than the strength of the alliance, its very name INDIA has created “fear and fever” in the BJP camp.

“There is no doubt, we will defeat BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections,” he said in his address at the third meeting of the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (INDIA).

“The INDIA is working with great unity for three months. The unity among leaders has brought strength. However, the BJP is trying to malign the alliance. BJP claimed that the alliance parties would split after the first meeting. On the contrary, a third successive and successful meeting is held.

“This is our strength and we are on the path of victory,” Stalin, who heads the DMK, said.

He said that the foremost objective of the alliance is to overthrow the BJP and establish a secular, democratic government. Strong parties should come together to join hands with the INDIA bloc. Keeping this in view, all leaders must act,” he stated.

Insisting on the need for establishment of a coordination committee and action plan, he maintained that these would serve as the main principles of the alliance.

“BJP’s governance had destroyed the country and the action plan of common minimum programme should serve as a statement to convey to the people of the country on how the INDIA would get it fixed,” he contended.