India handled Covid pandemic better than many developed countries, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi

He lauded his government’s handling of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and stressed upon the need to make every youngster of the country ‘self reliant’, in an interview to a magazine.

“Imagine if our country had not come up with a vaccine. What would be the situation? We know that a large population of the world doesn’t have access to Covid vaccines. Today, our success in vaccination is thanks to India being atmanirbhar,” PM Modi said in an interview to Open magazine.

“I, with an honest mind, respect critics a lot. But, unfortunately, the number of critics is very low. Mostly, people only level allegations, the people who play games about perception are more in number. And the reason for this is that , for criticism, one has to do a lot of hard work, research and, in today’s fast-paced world, may be people don’t have time. So sometimes, I miss critics,” he added.

Meanwhile, Modi called for people to purchase khadi products during this festive season.

Modi has praised Khadi Village Industries Commissions initiative of world’s largest Khadi National Flag (At a height of 225 feet and 150 feet width) displayed in Leh, Ladakh as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.