India faces greatest threat from within Prince of Arcot

India faces greatest threat from within: Prince of Arcot

The Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali has said, “our great secular country, India, over centuries has faced the onslaught from other countries.”

He said in his Republic Day message: “Now the greatest threat appears to be from within, and it is the responsibility of every fellow citizen to ensure that these divisive forces are nibbed in the bud, and our country, India, should be a glowing example in this 21st century for national integrity, communal harmony, secularism and unity in diversity.”

The Prince said, though we celebrate India’s 68th Republic, we must at least now realise that democracy and social justice are not just interlinked, but also inter-independent.

It is common knowledge that more than 30 crore of our population are living below poverty line without proper food, shelter, education and employment.

Unless justice is done to them by way of elevating their social status, the democratic machinery of our country would have failed in its duty, he added.