India allows Imran Khan to use Indian airspace

India has allowed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aircraft to use the Indian Air Space for his visit to Srilanka today. This will be Imran Khan’s maiden visit to Srilanka. He will be on a two-day visit to the country from today — his second visit that comes months after his visit to Afghanistan.

The development has come after Pakistan had denied permission for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use the Pakistan airspace in 2019 citing alleged human rights violation in Kashmir.

Modi was scheduled to travel to US and Saudi Arabia. India took up the denial of permission to VVIP flight with an International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Under normal circumstances, VVIP aircrafts are granted permission by countries. However, Pakistan’s denial of permission to VVIP aircraft was an aberration.

As a protocol, whenever heads of state or governments pass through the air space of any other country, the country is alerted and due permission is taken.