Ilayaraja’s emotional tribute to his close associate

Veteran musician Purushothaman, who had been a long time associate of Isaignani Ilayaraja, passed away recently. He was 65. Purushothaman has been one of the earliest and long time member of Ilayaraja’s team.

In a tribute video, the maestro said, “Both of us didn’t spend much time with our family members but together, we worked on a daily basis. One day, instead of calling my wife’s name, I called Puru.

Whenever I call his name, he would stand next to me or I would stand next to him in recording sessions.  He helped me to record a lot of songs in my career. My deepest condolences to Purushothaman’s family, may his soul rest in peace”.

This video of Ilaiyaraaja has been shared by his close associates and filmmakers as they know the music composer’s relationship with Purushothaman.

Purushothaman has been with Ilaiyaraaja since his debut movie Annakili and was working with the Maestro in all movies he had composed till few years back. Purushothaman had been in the team as a drummer and music conductor.

Condolences have been pouring for the veteran musician from netizens and music lovers all over the world on the demise of Purushothaman as many Ilayaraja fans are aware of the close bond shared between the two.