Ilayaraja doesn't have rights to stop SPB Popular music label founder

Ilayaraja doesn’t have rights to stop SPB: Popular music label founder

Madhav Das, founder of popular music label Magnasound, has said music composer Ilayaraja does not have rights to ask singer SP Balasubrahmanyam not to sing his songs.

In a video statement, he said, “there is a news item which said that music composer Ilayaraja has sent a notice to singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, asking him not to sing the songs composed by him, while on a concert tour in the United States. Ilayaraja doesn’t have the rights to do this.”

Stating that there are others too who can claim credits for the song, he said if at all someone has to raise an issue, it has to be the producer of a particular movie.

“He is the one who has paid for it. He hired the composer, he hired the director, he hired the actor and he hired everyone,” he said.

He said the producer might have sold the rights to a music label or he might have allowed Ilayaraja to retain it. “In that case, Ilayaraja can claim ownership. But even in that case, Ilayaraja can only ask for royalty. He can not ask SPB not to sing his songs. Because, there are so many others involved in the making of a song. For instance, the song’s lyricist may want SPB to sing it.”