I will be party chief, not CM: Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth today clarified his political plan, by saying that he would be the party supremo and not the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Speaking to the media in Chennai, he said he has no interest in being Tamil Nadu’s chief minister, and prefers to remain the head of his prospective party — a role he says is akin to that of an opposition leader.

He said, “There were two stalwarts in our politics, one was Jayalalithaa and another was Kalaignar. People voted for them but now there is a vacuum. Now, we need to create a new movement to bring change.”

“I will be a bridge to fill the gap and help to form a good government and infuse young and positive people in the governance,” he said and added: “I request retired IPS and IAS officers to enter politics.”

Presenting a roadmap for politics in Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth that he will have a limited number of leaders in his party. He also highlighted the “political vaccum” in Tamil Nadu and acknowledged that there is a need to fill that space.

“I have never thought of the Chief Minister’s post. I only want a change in politics,” he said and proposed the appointment of an “educated and compassionate youngster” as chief minister of Tamil Nadu.