I will be late, but will be sure-shot success Rajini

I will be late, but will be sure-shot success: Rajini

Apparently dropping hints about his political entry, Superstar Rajinikanth today said one can come late, but should achieve grand success on arrival.

He said this at the trailer launch of 2.0 in Chennai today. Though he was quick to say that he was not meaning politics but was talking about the film’s delay, this was an enough hint for his fans and politicians.

Praising director Shankar, he said, “Shankar is a wonderful filmmaker. He raised the level of Tamil cinema and now with 2.0, he has challenged the international standards”.

“When Shankar narrated the story to me, I did not ask him how his imagination can be brought alive on screen. I worked with him before and know he is capable of anything. He dreams big and executes them to perfection. He never fails to meet expectations. He is a great magician,” he added.

Hailing him as the Indian version of James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, Rajinikanth, said, “Working with Shankar was a delight. Filmmakers like Shankar, S S Rajamouli and Rajkumar Hirani are rich treasures and we should take care of them well”.

The trailer looks every bit the visual spectacle we had hoped it would be. The movie, which also stars Akshay Kumar, will release on November 29.

The two-minute long trailer is packed with interesting, never-seen-before visuals in Indian cinema. Each shot in the trailer is filled with a lot of energy, creativity and originality.