Hydrocarbon projects will not be implemented in State: TN

Responding to opposition to hydrocarbon initiatives, Tamil Nadu Law Minister C Ve Shanmugam Tuesday indicated setting up of an expert committee to go into the pros and cons of such projects in the State.

Shanmugam said that the hydrocarbon scheme cannot be implemented in the State without the permission of the State government. He further said the law allow to take criminal action against those who violate this.

DMK brought a special calling attention motion during the zero hour in the Assembly. Replying to this Shanmugam said applications have been given to extract hydrocarbon from the state but the government has not taken any decision on it.

“The government is not responsible for those who go to jail after unnecessarily staging protest,” he said and added that if needed a team will be constituted and will interact with the farmers to sovle their fears about the project.

DMK President M.K. Stalin on Tuesday urged the Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK government to take a policy decision not to allow hydrocarbon exploration in the state.

Speaking in the assembly, he, citing the assurance of Law Minister Shanmugam that sanction will not be given for hydrocarbon projects, said the government should take a policy decision as the house is in session now.

Shanmugam said that TN has the powers to initiate criminal proceedings against any company that implements the hydricarbon project without approval.

“There is no need for arriving at a policy decision on this issue since already rules do not permit any company to implement the hydrocarbon project without consent of the State. The Tamil Nadu government will never allow any project which will affect farmers as well as the environment,” the Minister said.