Husband clears the air on Suchitra's tweets

Husband clears the air on Suchitra’s tweets

Actor Karthik Kumar, husband of RJ-singer-actress Suchitra, has sought put to full-stop to the controversy about tweets by her wife.

In a statement online, she said, “Good morning. The last few days have been very disturbing for us as a family as Suchi’s twitter account was hacked.

Today we have retrieved her account. All the tweets published last few days were not by Suchi and is completely false.

I personally apologise to all the people concerned as I understand the stress it would have caused them. I request the media to show sensitivity and not sensationalise this. Thank you all for the support.

And now, let us have a look at some of the latest tweets on Suchitra’s profile.

“Smbdy would also like me to warn my followers about a huge sex scandal that is about to erupt in an ashram near Coimbatore. Please stay safe.”

“That’s my arm – from rough handling by #Dhanush’s team. Sorry buddy – disqualified.”

“I didn’t want to out this #Dhanush I always play fair. But @SadhguruJV Won’t stop messing. So war, it is.”

“This is the ultimate truth. I was attacked and everyone was told to not help. Thanks bro.”