Huge loss for Bigg Boss 4 Som Sekhar

During the letter task in Bigg Boss 4, one of the contestants Som Sekhar wrote a leter to his pet dog Ronnie.

He said that he named him Gundu when he was a pup when he brought him home in 2015. He also advised Ronnie not to have sweets because it would make him fatter.

Now the shocking news has come that Ronnie has passed away due to sudden illnes. The news might not reach Som anytime soon, as it might affect his game.  Som fans are mourning the loss of Ronnie and are sharing pics of the departed soul with Som and his family.

Recently, a video was doing the rounds suggesting that Som Sekhar cheated on the show by using his cellphone while Kamal Haasan was talking to the contestants via Agam TV.

It was latter said that Som was actually adjusting the battery of Rio’s microphone and it gave give the impression of handling a cellphone.