Hrithik Roshan rocks Chennai, talks about Vijay’s dancing

Hrithik Roshan has never failed to stun his fans with his charisma be it on screen or off screen. His latest visit to Chennai is proof how fans are madly in love with the actor’s presence itself.

The actor had graced a Rado event in Express Avenue, Chennai and fans were asking the actor to give them a glimpse of his amazing moves. To which, he immediately just showed a light glimpse and treated the fans.

Hrithik spoke about south Indian films and heroes. He said, “I haven’t watched any southern movie recently, but I have always been a very big fan of artistic technicalities of the films here. It is something that we can learn from. That is one thing I would love to do a film just to learn that. In fact, I don’t mind being an assistant.”

He said, “Normally, when I choose a project, it is instant without a question. So the basic germ needs to hit me really hard. If it hits really hard, I have always said yes to the films within 30 seconds. If I don’t yes to in 30 seconds, then chances are that I may not do the film. Most of the films I have done, I have said yes to them in 30 seconds.”

According to Hrithik, “I don’t decide it, but it is already decided. I just execute the decision that has already been taken by my body, brain, spirit, and soul. Everyone comes together and decides it first and I just have to execute it by saying yes. Let’s say like this. I only do the films that I can’t say no to. When I can’t say no, I do it.”

Asked about Allu Arjun’s dance, Hrithik said, “Energetic, strong and inspiring.” Talking about Vijay’s dance, he said, “I think they have some secret diet over here because everybody’s energy level is so amazing here. I would love to learn what they eat before they dance.”

On do, and don’ts at dance, Hrithik Roshan advised,”Exercise and rehearse a great deal. Get everything and forget about it. Totally forget about it and love yourself. Keep in mind it is about expressions if you’re a celebrity. If you’re a warrior a great deal of abilities will come into playwith.”