How Rio’s wife reacted after Gaby walked out of Bigg Boss 4 house

Gabriella Charlton’s decision to walk away from Bigg Boss 4 house has drawn both praise and criticism as one section of netizens see it as magnanimous on her part while others opine that Rio had no intention to walk and the young actress misread the situation.

In a sudden twist on Thursday, Gabriella Charlton decided to walk with five lakhs cash from ‘Bigg Boss 4’ surprising many.

In the events leading up to her decision there was a tussle between her and Rio Raj that suggested the latter also might leave the house even though he had a shot at the title.

Later when speaking to Som, Gaby stated that she took the decision to walk from ‘Bigg Boss 4’ because she did not want Rio to quit and if she had hesitated some more time he may have gone for it.

She said she wanted to see Rio in the finals.

Meanwhile Rio’s wife Sruthi Ravi has posted a video of her daughter Rithi wearing a yellow dress and wrote “By the way this cute little dress Gabi stitched for Rithi. Iam happy Rio earned such a cute sis”.